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Consumers opting-in to your offer as a result of our financial advertising, anticipate communication from your organization and therefore are more likely to respond favorably to your sales efforts. Preliminary knowledge of who you are and what products or services you offer, make consumers more receptive to what you have to say. And in turn, your knowledge of who they are, allows your organization to more effectively tailor your marketing approach.

Since consumers voluntarily opt-in and sign up for your financial offer through performance based marketing, they express interest in your organization. Therefore, any subsequent financial advertising, marketing, or sales effort made by your organization, is more likely to resonate with consumers who opt-in and ask to receive it.

The consumer opt-in contact lists we generate on behalf of your company's offer should be viewed as an asset to your organization. Each name on an opt-in list represents a relationship, and those relationships have value.

Google AdWords™ is undoubtedly a powerful tool for advertising your organization in the 21st Century, but your business is not selling t-shirts.

The Financial Industry is Different because no one is switching their 401K or Committing to a Mortgage or making an investment from a 5 line advertisement.

The Financial Industry was built through identifying prospective consumers who are interested in your specific service, establishing a level of trust and then earning their business with direct communication.

Lead Finance was built to service this sales model.

  Our Financial Advertising Partners is what sets our Performance Based Marketing Network apart

Lead Finance introduces and facilitates growth opportunities for our advertisers by working with top tier, proven publishers in our Performance Based Marketing network, creating highly targeted, custom campaigns on behalf of your organization's financial offer. These trusted financial publishers are able to leverage our proprietary tracking platform to collectively take part in marketing your company's financial offer via premium advertising placements.

The traffic that is generated as a result of our financial advertising, is driven to customized landing pages that showcase your company and highlight your finance offer. Consumers voluntarily enter their information in predefined form fields, (collecting essential information) and posts it directly to an Advertiser's database or CRM Software.

This collaborative approach allows our financial advertisers more options when it comes to creating landing pages, lead forms and available traffic sources, which in turn allows us to contract and provide high conversion rates.

The Result: thoughtful campaign implementation, which yields massive increases in traffic volume & quality of leads.  

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