About the Lead Finance Organization

Lead Finance LLC was conceptualized in 2010 and founded by a team of internet marketing and direct sales professionals. Having worked with Fortune 500 Companies and numerous Financial Institutions in the past, Lead Finance brings a new approach to financial list development and qualified lead generation. With traditional online advertising falling short of the  expectations of a 21st century business, our team has set out to take advantage of the web as an advertising platform in a way never before  seen in the financial sector.

Quantifying our Results and Guaranteeing Performance.

Lead Finance introduces and facilitates such opportunities for lead generation in the Financial Industry by working with top tier, proven advertising partners. We create highly targeted custom advertising campaigns on behalf of financial organizations’ products and service offers.

Exclusively focused on the Financial Industry, we manage a network of tens of thousands of financial advertising partners, providing the very best sources of traffic for your offer. Our exclusive focus connects you to new customers and potential clients in real-time, while allowing your organization to take advantage of our legacy of experience and marketing knowledge in this space. This collaborative approach allows our financial advertisers more options when it comes to creating landing pages, customizable lead forms and available traffic sources, which allows us to contract and guarantee your organize high conversion rates.

An Educated Approach to Financial List Development

Lead generation with Lead Finance guarantees performance. With traditional internet advertising platforms (e.g. Google AdWords™, Yahoo!, Microsoft AdCenter etc.), companies pay per impression or CPC “pay-per-click” for their advertisements. This model doesn’t guarantee however that consumers who view or click these advertisements provide any real tangible data back to you. In fact, these consumers may not even be interested in your offer, and were not able to get a good grasp on your offer from your small contextual ad. In an ideal scenario, your advertising dollar should guarantee your organization that consumers visiting your offer page are legitimately interested in what you are offering and should be motivated to submit their contact information to you for follow up communication from your organization.

Google AdWords™ is undoubtedly a powerful tool for advertising in the 21st Century, but your business isn’t selling t-shirts...

The Financial Industry is different. No one is rolling over their 401(k)s, negotiating mortgages, or making investments because they liked what they read in a five-line advertisement. Our industry was built on identifying prospective consumers interested in specific financial services, building a relationship, establishing trust, and ultimately earning their business through direct communication.


Lead Finance: Built for Financial Lead Generation

We are solely focused on generating financial sales leads, and our program eliminates the problems associated with advertising on per impression or CPC model. We offer truly successful advertising and offer our clients a 100% trackable return on investment. You only pay for leads that will be fully qualified and converted - consumers that have decided to opt-in to hear more about your offer and  receive follow up communications from your organization. Period. Each qualified lead is required to provide a set criteria that is determined and customized to your organization (e.g. full name, telephone number, e-mail address, etc.) and have an expectation of a follow up communication regarding your advertised offer.

There is absolutely no impression or click limit with our campaign. We work on behalf of your organization, delivering traffic to your Advertising Island 24/7, until we have fulfilled our obligation and delivered the total  volume of converted leads requested by you in full.

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