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Lead Finance LLC is committed to customer service. We make it a priority to answer both our new and existing clients inquires regarding financial sales advertising and list generation in a timely manner. Our customer support team and advertising representatives are here to listen and provide you with exceptional customer service..

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Feel free to contact our organization and we would be happy to speak to you about your advertising goals.

Address:     2711 Centerville Road - Suite 120
                      Wilmington, DE 19808
Telephone:  1-(800) 204-7140
Facsimile  (302) 319-2704

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Lead Finance: Financial Acquisition Network

We are solely focused on generating financial sales advertising, and our program eliminates the problems associated with advertising on per impression or CPC model. We offer truly successful advertising and offer our clients a 100% measurable return on investment. You only pay for leads that will be fully qualified and converted - consumers that have decided to opt-in to hear more about your offer and  receive follow up communications from your organization. Period. Each qualified lead is required to provide a set criteria that is determined and customized to your organization (e.g. full name, telephone number, e-mail address, etc.) and have an expectation of a follow up communication regarding your advertised offer.

There is absolutely no impression or click limit with our campaign. We work on behalf of your organization, delivering traffic to your Advertising Island 24/7, until we have fulfilled our obligation and delivered the total  volume of converted leads requested by you in full.

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