Questions On Financial Advertising Services?

Lead Finance LLC makes it a priority to inform and educate our clientele on how their advertising budget is being spent. By taking the time to answer and address questions &  concerns our advertisers may have, it makes our clients more educated about how we execute an effective advertising program, and in turn allows them to compare our offering to what else is available in the market.

For years, we've seen other internet marketing firms deliver confusing 25+ page proposals filled with technical terms that the average consumer could only begin to understand, accompanied by promises that contain subjective descriptions like "quality number of back links" or "high placement articles" that are simply misleading.

Our Business was built to be 100% results oriented and we encourage an open discussion about your financial offer and how it will be advertised. Below you will find some of the most frequently asked questions we receive before beginning a program. Undoubtedly, you still may have some questions and we encourage you to call 1-(800) 204-7140.


1. Question: How much does this service cost?

We bill for our leads on a (CPA) or Cost-Per-Acquisition model which Guarantees a return on investment for our clients. Typically we convert sales leads at one-third or less the cost of traditional per impression or pay-per-click campaigns. Each offer's cost per lead is a determined by a client’s individual needs which takes into account the type of offer being advertised the required fields of information that need to be collected. The less number of data fields a consumer needs to enter to opt-in to your offer, the higher the conversion rate for our advertising network and the lower the cost to you. Contact us for a free quote and to discuss your options.


2. Question: How many leads can you deliver?

We have driven an excess of as many as 100,000 uniquely converted opt-in leads over a reasonable number of business days. Most clients request leads in 1,000 increment blocks, with 1,000 being the minimum number of opt-in leads per month. Our clients are all unique and so are the campaigns we design for them. We pride ourselves in catering to clients on an individual basis and would be more then happy to discuss your organization's goals and needs.


3. Question: How do I know these are Unique Subscribers?

It is actually illegal to enter another persons contact information into an opt-in offer without their consent and any organization doing that would be out of business in a matter of days. Our network is comprised of top tier, proven financial publishers who create highly targeted, custom campaigns on behalf of your organization's financial offer. The choice to opt-in is the consumers alone and is heavily monitored via IP Address.

Our advertising network is comprised of select, trusted financial publishers who leverage Lead Finance's proprietary tracking platform to collectively take part in advertising your exclusive financial offer via their premium advertising placements on a selective basis.


4. Question: How do you select and manage your advertising publishers?

We filter and accept only the best financial advertising partners in our network who have a proven track record of success in this vertical. We verify several criteria about each of our partners before authorizing any work and have a variety of metrics we use to monitor the quality of traffic they deliver to an offer (i.e. Unique IP Address, Regional and Country Origin, Unusual Volume Alerts etc.)

Financial publishers make money through consistently advertising our financial offers and are motivated by repeat business. If an advertising publisher is black listed, they would not only cease doing business with Lead Finance but that information is made public.


5. Question: How do you prevent fraud?

We continuously monitor your landing page along with the traffic that is being generated on the part of our advertising partners as well as the quality of subscribers opting-in during your campaign. We monitor IP addresses, proxy information, country of lead origin, and other areas to mitigate risk and have built in javascript and tracking pixel code embedded on your landing page that allows us to constantly monitor the level of quality service we are providing. We are in the business of delivering qualified results and not empty promises and take our reputation very seriously. Please contact us if you’d like a more thorough explanation.

6. Question: How long before I see results?

Initial campaigns require a two week setup period in order to analyze your unique financial offer and create a customized landing page we refer to as an Advertising Island™. During this period, we work with our advertisers to approve a creative that showcases your offer in the best possible manner along with educating potential consumers on your brand and service while emphasizing a call to action.

You will see results immediately after your Advertising Island™ has been made available online and to our publishers, but results will increase once your campaign has been active for a few days. Results continually increase the longer a campaign remains active and we encourage our clients to work with us around their advertising budget, opposed to pausing and re-starting a campaign.


7. Question: How do I track your campaigns?

Answer: We provide a tracking pixel to your Advertising Island™ and are happy to provide you with weekly activity reports upon request. Additionally, you are free to add any additional tracking measures to your Advertising Island™ as long as they are installed by a web developer and do not interfere with our data monitoring software.

We also integrate our offer with many clients Database, CRM or e-mail management services such as iContact, Constant Contact, Mail Chimp and AWeber at no additional charge. These services include advanced monitoring and alert software built in to their software suite and provide advertisers with tracking results in real-time.


8. Question: Do I have to work exclusively with Lead Finance LLC?

You are always free to advertise your product, service or organization through print, radio, television, third-party per impression and  pay-per-click advertising programs (e.g. Google AdWords, Yahoo!, Microsoft AdCenter, etc.). For the specific financial offer you have contracted with us, during the period of your purchase order we will be your exclusive partner, with the exception of the mediums listed before. For any other products or service your organization offers, not contracted to us, or after the fulfillment of your purchase order with Lead Finance LLC, you are free to advertise with any other organization as you best see fit moving forward.


Lead Finance: Financial Acquisition Network

We are solely focused on generating financial acquisition through our network, and our program eliminates the problems associated with advertising on per impression or CPC model. We offer truly successful advertising and offer our clients a 100% measurable return on investment. You only pay for leads that will be fully qualified and converted - consumers that have decided to opt-in to hear more about your offer and  receive follow up communications from your organization. Period. Each qualified lead is required to provide a set criteria that is determined and customized to your organization (e.g. full name, telephone number, e-mail address, etc.) and have an expectation of a follow up communication regarding your advertised offer.

There is absolutely no impression or click limit with our campaign. We work on behalf of your organization, delivering traffic to your Advertising Island 24/7, until we have fulfilled our obligation and delivered the total  volume of converted leads requested by you in full.

Call 1-800-204-7140 Today to Speak to an Advertising Representative.

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