About Our Financial Advertising Services

Consumers who opt-in to your offer are anticipating communication from your organization and as a result, are more likely to respond favorably to your sales efforts. Preliminary knowledge of who you are and what products or services you are offering makes consumers more receptive to what you have to say. And in turn, your knowledge of who they are, allows your organization to more effectively tailor your marketing approach.

Since consumers voluntarily opt-in to your offer as a result of our Financial Advertising Services, they express interest in your organization. Therefore, any subsequent communication or sales effort made on the behalf of your organization is more likely to resonate with a consumer who has asked to receive it, compared to a consumer who has not.

The consumer opt-in contact lists we generate on behalf of your company's offer should be viewed as an asset to your organization. Each name on an opt-in contact list represents a relationship with a potential consumer, and those relationships have tangible value in the Financial Services Industry.



1. (CPL) Lead Generation Advertising Program 

This Cost-Per-Lead Advertising program has been designed with your Financial Services offer in mind. The Financial Industry is different because no one is rolling over their 401(k)s, negotiating mortgages, or making investments based on a simple five-line text advertisement. Our advertising program was built by identifying prospective consumers who are interested in your specific financial offer, educating them through our Advertising Island™ a customized landing page, isolated from all other online traffic, that showcases your offer and converts prospective consumers into qualified opt-in leads.

Fully Integrated with these E-Mail Management Clients and Others.

2. Custom List Development & Data Management 

If you or your organization is preparing to make an investment in the development of an online financial property, our organization has the resources, industry relationships and knowledge to turn your concept into reality. Our team has been designing user interfaces for Wordpress, html/flash, splash and landing page content, along with integrating backend database/CRM systems for the collection and management of opt-in consumer data. Our organization specializes in lead generation and we would welcome to opportunity to consult with your organization regarding a customized long-term advertising program or the full-scale management of your development budget.

About Our Custom List Development Advertising Island

Lead Finance's custom list development Advertising Island™ is a unique Landing Page that is created on behalf of your company's advertising campaign. This landing page showcases your company's specific Financial Offer with a distinct call to action and data collection form that collects the required information for a consumer to opt-in to your offer.

The page is integrated (free of charge) with your company's backend database or CRM system for the collection and management of opt-in consumer data, including support for industry leading software management service providers like Constant Contact®, iContact, Mail Chimp, AWeber and More.

The unique URL for the Advertising Island™ is the single point destination for all the advertising efforts conducted on behalf of your organization's financial offer by the Lead Finance Network. The page also includes built in JavaScript and tracking pixel code embedded on your Advertising Island, that allows us to monitor the level of quality traffic we are delivering to the island, and  is also coded to NOT be indexed by any search engine. Thus, ensuring only our  targeted traffic is being delivered and consumers are opting-in, making this page an island all to itself on the internet.


How Our Advertising Program Works

Your company’s product or service is advertised directly to financial audiences via a combination of web site display advertisements, e-mail advertisements, mobile device advertisements, search engine advertisements, and social media advertisements. Prospective consumers are driven back to your Advertising Island™, a unique landing page that showcases your specific financial offer. It represents the single-point destination for all our advertising efforts that are done on behalf of your organization’s offer. This landing page is coded so that it is not indexed by any search engine and is only linked directly from our adverting campaign. This ensures only targeted traffic, as the landing page is essentially an “island” only accessible by the campaign. The prospective consumers who land on your Advertising Island™ review your offer and choose whether or not to enter their contact information and opt-in to your offer. These potential consumers are now opt-in financial leads, expecting to receive follow up communication from your organization regarding the financial offer. All web traffic and conversions are fully trackable, through a provided tracking pixel and CRM Software.


Dedicated to the Financial Industry

We are solely focused on generating financial sales leads, and our program eliminates the problems associated with advertising on per impression or CPC model. We offer truly successful advertising and offer our clients a 100% trackable return on investment. You only pay for leads that will be fully qualified and converted - consumers that have decided to opt-in to hear more about your offer and  receive follow up communications from your organization. Period. Each qualified lead is required to provide a set criteria that is determined and customized to your organization (e.g. full name, telephone number, e-mail address, etc.) and have an expectation of a follow up communication regarding your advertised offer.

There is absolutely no impression or click limit with our campaign. We work on behalf of your organization, delivering traffic to your Advertising Island 24/7, until we have fulfilled our obligation and delivered the total  volume of converted leads requested by you in full.

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